A brief introduction of DRAGON-Lab

DRAGON-Lab (Distributed Research & Academic Gigabits Open Network Lab) is a remote access networks lab that supports various network technique experiments, network products test, application system development and test of engineering plans. The lab can also be used as an online demonstration platform for various network and application products. This achievement was finished solely by Network Research Center of Tsinghua University, and gets joint supports of State 863 plan and 973 plan.
Following are main technical characteristics of DRAGON-Lab: it supports both IPv6/IPv4 protocol stacks, and it supports remote visible configuration of experimental environment. It provides a multi-space-time operational network environment. It is a new-generation complex test platform for network techniques, which combines virtual and reality, and will provide an open service globally.

1. Multi-space-time Operational Network Environment

DRAGON-Lab integrates various network application environments like internet exchange center, international backbone network, national backbone network, campus network, satellite network and wireless network. The lab can record and playback freely the network flow of IPv4/IPv6 operation. It can introduce the routing information from the operating network; therefore, it can be used to do long time and space span network behavior research and operate network experiments.


2. Remote Visible Configuration of Experimental Environment

DRAGON-Lab has a special experiment configure system, which is visible and will generate an environment defining script automatically. Users can submit the defining script in remote and apply for experiment time. The system will notify users automatically the time assigned and account & passwords for experimental environment.


3. Automatic Generation of Experimental Environment

When establishing experimental environment, users do not have to come to lab to connect Jumpers, only need to submit a reasonable experiment plan to the platform. Establishment and configuration of the experimental environment will be finished automatically by the platform.


4. Remote Operation During the Experiment

Users do not have to come to lab to operate. Experimental operations can be finished in remote.

5. Powerful Experiment Support

DRAGON-Lab equips testing facility and various experimentation measuring system of Agilent¡¢IXIA corporations. The lab also provides ample experiment-use servers and large-capacity memory system, which can record and store properly the course and results of the experiment based on demand of users. Every experiment script will be saved for quick playback of the experiment.

6. DRAGON-Lab Service and Member Application

DRAGON-Lab opens its service and database only to members. Users can acquire membership through online application on DRAGON-Lab website. Members will be given exclusive accounts and client programs, which enable them to remote access various experimental systems and databases.


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